Amazing DIY Backyard Projects That Could Save the World

The green revolution continues as we grow more conscious about the impact we have on our environment. It is no surprise then that DIY projects become popular as well since they involve repurposing and recycling (or upcycling) tools and materials that we already have at home. This list highlights the 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, … Read more

10 Pallet Bar Ideas You Will Surely Love to Put in Your Home

DIY Pallet Bar

Homes today are getting innovative and improving. Homeowners’ embrace modern home and garden ideas to make their nook a one-stop area for relaxation, refreshments, and even socialization with friends and family. Everyone seems to love do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, hence the existence of some DIY pallet bar that gives anyone’s patio a smart and updated look. … Read more

10 Incredibly Exciting Wood Projects for Kids

10 Incredibly Exciting Wood Projects for Kids

Woodworking projects for kids can stimulate creativity and expand imagination. These types of projects can spark their minds and train it for more strategic and critical thinking. Furthermore, it creates opportunities for them to broaden their horizon. Children nowadays are more exposed to gadgets that may sometimes limit them to do things physically. Easy wood … Read more